Adventure Time Costumes

Homemade Adventure Time Costume Ideas

“What time is it? It's Adventure Time!”

Adventure Time is a popular cartoon series about the adventures of a young boy named Finn and his pet dog Jake. Finn and Jake live in the magical post-apocalyptic land of Ooo along with many other wacky and weird characters. The show also includes lots of different princesses who are good characters to turn into costumes, with the two most popular being Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess (or L.S.P. as she is known for short).

How to make a Finn Costume

Finn’s character is that of a fun loving, adventure seeking, young boy who is incredibly brave and selfless, and always willing to help others. Finn’s outfit is very easy to turn into a costume because it is simply a blue T-shirt and shorts, white socks, black shoes, and a green backpack. His most distinctive item of clothing is his headgear which is basically like a white balaclava with a fully exposed face. This hat/balaclava also has two ear-like pieces that stick up on the top. You should also make a sword for Finn to use while battling monsters. His original sword is yellow or gold in color with a black handle, but in some episodes he uses a green grass-like sword or a white sword that has a blue circle in the handle.

An alternative costume for women is that of the female version of Finn – Fionna. Her costume is basically the same as Finn’s except that she wears a short blue skirt and thigh high white socks.

How to make a Jake Costume

Finn’s best friend, Jake, is a magical dog who has the power to stretch his body into virtually any shape. Jake’s costume has a yellow body and head with droopy jowls over the mouth and large white eyes. You can use a onesie type outfit with a hood and yellow gloves, or create a more realistic Jake costume shape using cardboard. One funny variation you can wear is a combined Finn and Jake costume with Finn riding on Jake’s back, since Jake often makes himself larger in the cartoon show so that Finn can ride on him when they need to get somewhere quickly.

Finn and Jake Costumes

How to make a Princess Bubblegum Costume

Princess Bubblegum’s costume is typically a long pink dress with a purple bow around the waist and a purple collar. She also wears a simple gold crown that has one long stem in the middle with a blue jewel on the top. The key to a Princess Bubblegum costume is finding or making a long pink wig, preferably one that has thick strands for hair so that they look like strands of bubblegum.

How to make a Lumpy Space Princess Costume

Lumpy Space Princess is one of the more difficult Adventure Time characters to make a costume for because of her shape. Ideally your costume will be shaped like a lumpy purple ball, which you can make at home by sewing some purple material over shaped foam or other padding. Alternatively, you can use a cardboard cutout L.S.P. shape, or simply a purple tutu dress and a purple wig. To complete your L.S.P. costume your will need a large gold star for your forehead – and a bad attitude!

How to make an Ice King Costume

To make an Ice King costume you will need a long blue robe, a white beard, blue face paint and a gold colored crown with red jewels in it. You will also need to make a very long, thin, blue paper nose that you can attach to your face with elastic. The Ice King’s beard is so large that you will probably have to custom-make it yourself out of a suitable furry white material or white card. It is actually common to make the whole of the Ice King’s face out of various materials to get the right expression (instead of exposing your own face), since in addition to the long nose the Ice King also has a large mouth with sharp teeth.

How to make a Fire Princess Costume

Fire Princess is one of Finn’s love interests in the show, she is a bad tempered, yet sensitive, character who is prone to fits of rage where she turns into a giant fire monster and destroys everything in sight. To make a fire princess costume you will need a two tone orange dress, preferably one that has a flame-like pattern on it. You will also need orange pantyhose and shoes, and orange body paint to cover all your exposed skin including your face. Finally you will need to attach a dark orange diamond shaped jewel to your forehead.

As you can see, this is already one of the most complex Adventure Time costumes, and it is made even more complicated because of Flame princesses’ hair style.  You will need to spray your hair orange (or buy a wig) and style it so that it rises high above the head to look like flames. One easy alternative is to use orange tulle and fashion it into a flame shape that can sit on your head like a hat.

Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and Flame Princess

How to make a Lemongrab Costume

One of the funniest characters in Adventure Time is the completely insane Lemongrab, who has an incredibly short temper and the catchphrase “Unacceptable!” that he screams whenever he doesn’t like something, which is often! A Lemongrab costume is relatively simple since you can wear any tight black clothing for the body and then just add a green belt, yellow gloves and a small brown toy sword. The only hard part is the yellow lemon shaped head which you can make out of papier-mâché, be sure to paste or paint on crazy looking eyes and a screaming black mouth, and don’t forget Lemongrabs long pointy nose that is very similar in shape to that of the Ice King’s.

How to make a BMO Costume

BMO is a lovable talking multi-functional electronic device that can perform many tasks including that of a video game console, camera, VCR player and Chef. A BMO costume is a light blue cardboard box for your body with a simple square screen section that has a happy little face painted onto it. You will also need to add a few video game style buttons onto the front of the box.

There are dozens of other characters in Adventure Time that can be turned into costumes, including Marceline the Vampire Queen with her giant red axe-shaped rock guitar, James the cloned candy “Hero”, and the incompetent banana guards of the Candy Kingdom. You could even choose to be Jake’s wife Lady Rainicorn, a beautiful rainbow colored unicorn-like creature, or one of their crazy magical kids.

Whatever costume style you choose we hope that you have a Mathematical party!

Adventure Time Costume Ideas