Black Costume Ideas

Black is one of the most popular colors for costumes and there are a very wide range of characters to choose from who wear black clothing. Check out some of the best black costumes below or click here to see all the black costume styles.

Batman / Batgirl

Batman is the most famous superhero who wears a black costume. His outfit is a black bodysuit, a large black cape and a black mask with two ears that stick up on top. In the original TV series Batmanís body suit was grey with only his black underwear showing on the outside, however the more modern costume is entirely black apart from a yellow utility belt.

Black Batman Costume Ideas


One of the most popular sexy costume styles for women is a French Maidís outfit. This consists of a short black dress that has a white apron on the front. You can also wear black fishnet pantyhose or stockings and black high heels and carry a little feather duster to complete the costume.

Black Maid Costume Ideas


A popular black costume idea for Halloween is a vampire costume. For this you can wear any suitable black clothing plus a large black cloak, then you simply need a pair of fake vampire fangs and perhaps a little fake blood.

Black Vampire Costume Ideas


Another popular black costume style for Halloween is a witchís costume. This consists of a black dress, a pointy black hat, and a broom or black toy cat as your accessories.

Black Witch Costume Ideas


Catwoman is a famous sexy black costume idea for women, her outfit is a skin tight body suit with a black mask that has two ears sticking up on the top similar to Batmanís costume. You can also choose to wear black leather gloves and carry a black whip as an accessory.

Black Catwoman Costume Ideas

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a great costume idea for science fiction fans, his outfit is made up of black trousers and a black top that has some simple electronic gadgetry on the front. He also wears a long black cape and has a very distinctive black helmet and face mask.

Black Darth Vader Costume Ideas


Ninja costumes are popular with kids, they are black outfits which have a cloth head piece that only leaves the eyes showing. Kids love to dress up as ninjas because they get to have a wide range of toy weapons such as swords, knives and throwing stars, and because it is fun to sneak around.

Black Ninja Costume Ideas

Black Widow

The Black Widow is a superheroine who wears a black body suit like Catwoman except that it is a little less tight fitting. Apart from that her costume only has two black belts and a couple of guns strapped to her legs.

Black Widow Costume Ideas


Magicians wear elegant outfits that consist of black trousers, a black waist coat over a white shirt and a black cape or a tailcoat. For this costume you will have plenty of fun accessories to choose from such as white toy rabbits, playing cards, or even real magicianís props like special wands that turns into flowers. Learn a few basic magic tricks and you can entertain the other guests at the party!

Black Magician Costume Ideas

Nun / Priest

Nun costumes can be conservative, featuring long black robes and a habit on your head, or they can be sexy with short skirts and high heels. Couples can dress up as a nun and a priest, which makes a great idea for a funny costume if the woman happens to be pregnant.

Black Nun Costume Ideas

Grim Reaper

Death (the Grim reaper) is the ultimate black Halloween costume idea. The Grim Reaperís costume is a plain black hooded gown with a scythe on a long black handle, you should also use scary face makeup or wear a white skeleton mask.

Black Grim Reaper Costume Ideas


There are several animals that make suitable black costumes such as panda bears, penguins and apes. Pandaís make cute costumes for kids, while penguins are more of a funny costume idea. Black chimp or gorilla costumes are popular due to the movie Planet of the Apes, but they require full body suits covered in fake fur and really good masks if you want them to look right.

Black Animal Costume Ideas


There are several different style of black police costume including SWAT, F.B.I. and street cops. Police uniforms make great sexy costume ideas for both men and women and you get to carry several fun accessories such as guns, batons and handcuffs.

Black Police Costume Ideas

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