Blue Costume Ideas


The obvious character choice for a blue costume is a Smurf since their bodies are entirely blue. The best way to look like a Smurf is to use a lot of blue body paint to completely cover the exposed skin on your face, upper body, arms and legs. Smurfettes can wear a short white dress and blue pantyhose, while men can wear white trousers and go shirtless or wear a blue t-shirt. You will then just need white shoes, white gloves and a curly white Smurf hat. For a Papa Smurf costume you will need a red colored hat, trousers and shoes instead of white ones.

Blue Smurf Costume Ideas


Cinderella’s costume is a beautiful light blue ball gown with white opera gloves and a blue hair band. For Cinderella’s shoes you can wear sliver colored strappy high heels, or preferably transparent plastic slippers.

Blue Cinderella Costume Ideas


Superman wears a blue leotard with a red cape and red underwear on the outside - in the original comics and movies. The more modern Superman costume has the underwear on the inside, making it just a completely blue body suit with red boots and his famous red cape.

Blue Superman Costume Ideas


Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz wears a simple blue dress over a white blouse, she also wears her famous red shoes which she clicks together when she wants to return home from Oz. For a Dorothy costume you should wear your hair in pigtails with a cute blue bow in it.

Blue Dorothy Costume Ideas


Alice from the story “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” also wears a simple light blue dress like Dorothy. However, instead of a white blouse she wears a white apron over the front of the dress. Alice wears white socks (or stockings) and her hair is blonde with a black hair band that has a bow on the top.

Blue Alice Costume Ideas

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is the heroine from the Aladdin story, her costume is a sexy blue harem outfit with trousers and a small top, she wears a blue hair band on her head. This is one of the most popular sexy blue costume ideas for women.

Blue Princess Jasmine Costume Ideas

Super Mario

Super Mario wears blue overalls and a red shirt and hat, or if you prefer to you can dress as his brother Luigi by using a green shirt and hat instead.

Blue Super Mario Costume Ideas


The ultimate blue costumes may well be those of the giant blue aliens called the Na'vi from the movie Avatar. These costumes are only suitable for the fit, since you will need to wear only blue body paint and a loin cloth. For a slightly more conservative avatar costume you can wear a blue skin tight body suit, but either the body suit or the body paint should have tiger–like blue stripes. You will also need to have long braided dark hair, and preferably be over 7 foot tall!

Blue Avatar Costume Ideas


Thor is one of several superheroes who have a mostly blue costume and a red cape. The main part of a Thor costume is dark blue trousers and a blue top with muscular padding built into it. You will also need a very long red cape and a giant rectangular hammer.

Blue Thor Costume Ideas


Popeye wears a classic blue sailor’s costume that has a dark blue top with a red collar and medium blue trousers with a yellow belt. You will also need a white sailor’s hat and some fake forearms to create Popeye’s famous muscular look that happens after he eats some spinach.

Blue Popeye Costume Ideas


Peacocks make beautiful blue costumes for women, you can wear a short blue dress or a blue tutu and then make a fabric or feather peacock tail for the back of your outfit. The best way to do this is to simply use real peacock feathers that you can glue onto a fan shaped piece of card.

Blue Peacock Costume Ideas

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

There are many blue cheerleader costumes but the most famous one is that worn by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. These sexy blue costumes have small blue tops with long blue sleeves, plus white shorts with blue stars on them. You should also wear white cowboy boots and carry blue and white pom poms as accessories.

Blue Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costumes

Star Trek

One of the three main Star Trek uniform colors is blue, this color is worn by the science and medical personnel in Star Fleet.

Blue Star Trek Costume Ideas

Sonic The Hedgehog

Apart from Mario, one other famous video game character who wears blue is Sonic the Hedgehog. A sonic costume is a blue one piece suit with a white chest area. You will then need to make a large blue headpiece with large spiky hair and big white eyes. Sonic the Hedgehog costumes also require white gloves and large red shoes.

Blue Sonic The Hedgehog Costume Ideas Costume Ideas

Captain America

One more superhero costume that features blue and red is the outfit worn by Captain America. It consists of a blue body suit with red boots and gloves, plus Captain America’s red, white and blue target design shield.

Blue Captain America Costume Ideas

Blue Genie

One final blue costume idea is a blue genie costume, either the large funny blue genie style from the Aladdin cartoon or the sexy “I dream of Genie” style outfit that is basically the same as Princess Jasmine’s costume.

Blue Genie Costume Ideas

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