Brown Costume Ideas


Monkeys are a cute and fun brown costume idea for kids or adults. You will need a wooly brown bodysuit that has a light brown area on the front, you will also need a monkey mask or a headpiece with two round ears. Finally you will need to add a curly tail to the costume and carry a banana as an accessory.

Brown Monkey Costume Ideas


Most adventurer or hunter costumes are brown in color, the most famous of these is the outfit worn by Indiana Jones, his costume is brown trousers, a light brown shirt, brown boots, and a brown fedora style hat. A classic hunter costume is that of a big game hunter which features a light brown shirt and shorts plus a round safari hat, and of course a big gun.

Brown Indiana Jones Costume Ideas

Cave People

Cave people costumes look like they are made from animal skins, so they can either be patterned like the coat of a big cat or plain brown. On your feet you should wear brown sandals, or boots wrapped in brown cloth or fur so that they look handmade. Finally you can add a large brown shaggy wig and carry a big plastic club or a wooden spear.

Brown Cave People Costume Ideas


Jediís wear brown or cream colored clothing and a large brown hooded cloak plus brown boots, you will also need a brown belt and a lightsaber.

Brown Jedi Costume Ideas


For men or boys the most popular brown costume style is probably a cowboy costume, for this you will need a long brown leather jacket and a cowboy hat, plus brown chaps over your jeans and cowboy boots - add a couple of six shooters in your gun holsters and youíre ready for the Wild West!

Brown Cowboy Costume Ideas


The ultimate brown costume for two people is a horse costume - but who is going to be the rear end? If you prefer to go solo then you can make the costume look as though you are riding the horse, otherwise you will just have to look like a horse walking on two legs.

Brown Horse Costume Ideas


Reindeer costumes are cute brown costume ideas for Christmas, kids can wear a brown body suit with a white chest area and a reindeer mask and women can simply wear any cute brown dress and reindeer antlers.

Brown Reindeer Costume Ideas


One more obvious choice for a brown animal costume is to dress up as a bear. The bodysuit is basically the same as that of a monkey costume and without a full face mask it is hard to tell the difference between a monkey costume and a bear costume - apart from the fact that the bear does not have a long curly tail.

Brown Bear Costume Ideas

Native American

A popular brown costume for women is a Native American style outfit, these are often made in a sexy Pocahontas style with a short dress, pigtails and a simple brown headband. On your feet you can wear moccasins or soft brown boots with tassels. The clothing itself should also have brown tassels on it and you can complete the look with various colored wooden jewelry, beads, feathers, and a bow and arrow or a spear.

Brown Native American Costume Ideas


A simple brown costume for men is a monkís habit, with a piece of string for your belt and a Friar Tuck style balding head piece or a hood.

Brown Monk Costume Ideas


Most Steampunk costumes have brown as their main color. They typically consist of elegant vintage clothing from the Victorian period, but they can also be made using cowboy or pirate style clothing. To check out some homemade Steampunk costume ideas click here.

Brown Steampunk Costume Ideas

Big Cats

Most of the big cats have brown fur so you can choose to wear a cheetah or leopard patterned outfit or a plain brown lionís costume. Cheetah and leopard patterns are perfect as sexy costumes for women, while lions are best for funny or cute costumes because you can wear a large furry lionís mane on your head.

Brown Big Cat Costume Ideas

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