Gold Costume Ideas

There are not many gold costumes compared to most of the other colors that you can choose for your outfit, but here are a few examples of the most popular gold costume ideas.


Egyptian costumes are a great choice if you are looking for an exotic and elegant costume. The three main colors of an Egyptian costume are white, black and gold – the more gold the better!

Gold Egyptian Costume Ideas


The seventies brought us many tacky and wild clothing styles, but the most famous is probably disco clothing with its flared trousers and bright colors. Two of the most popular colors for disco clothing are metallic silver or gold – these colors are popular because they match the large mirrored disco balls that hang from the ceilings of discotheques. To make a gold disco costume you can use any shiny gold clothing including gold jump suits, gold dresses or gold shirts, or you can turn yourself into a giant gold disco ball if you prefer to wear a funny costume.

Gold Disco Costume Ideas

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer outfits are a popular gold costume style, the shine from the gold helps to accentuate the gyrating motion of a belly dancer when they perform. Their costumes are typically ornate and intricate, featuring gold tassels and trinkets attached to sexy tops and revealing skirts.

Gold Belly Dancer Costume Ideas

Star Trek

Gold costumes in the original Star Trek TV series where worn by command officers, whereas in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager the gold uniforms are worn by engineering and security personnel.

Gold Star Trek Costume Ideas


One famous gold costume is that worn by C3PO, an android style robot with a shiny gold metal body in the Star Wars movies. For his costume you will need a gold jump suit and a C3PO mask, you should also practice moving around in the classic jerky robotic fashion. If you are looking for couple’s costumes you can match a C3PO costume with a little blue and white R2D2 costume or with a sexy gold Princess Leia slave girl costume.

Gold C3PO Costume Ideas

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