Green Costume Ideas


Most army costumes are either plain green or camouflaged with a mixture of greens and browns. For a really green costume idea you can try a “Green Army Man” toy soldier costume, for this you will need to spray all your clothing with one color of green spray paint. You will also need to spray a toy gun and a flat mat to stand on, finally you need to spray some pantyhose with the same paint to wear over your head. Another green military style costume to choose from are the futuristic battle suits worn in the video game Halo.

Green Army Costume Ideas


The most famous green superhero is The Hulk. You will need to have large muscles and cover your entire body and face with green body paint, then simply wear a pair of ripped trousers. If you don’t have the muscles for it you can wear a muscle suit instead. To complete the look you can wear a Hulk mask and giant rubber Hulk hands.

Green Hulk Costume Ideas


Leprechauns and four leaf clovers are popular green Irish costumes to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Irish Costume Ideas

Poison Ivy

A good sexy green costume idea for women is a Poison Ivy costume, a villainess from the Batman comic series. Her outfit is a green dress or leotard with pantyhose that is wrapped with strings of leaves, she also wears a leaf-like mask over her eyes and has long bright red hair.

Green Poison Ivy Costume Ideas


Little Green Men and Martian costumes are a fun green costume idea, both require a mask that has a large bald green head with big eyes. For the body you can wear a robe or a green lycra body suit.

Green Alien Costume Ideas

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is an obvious choice, you will need a green body suit and mask plus a large green “power ring”.

Green Lantern Costume Ideas


Medusa is a green snake-like monster that is perfect for a Halloween costume. You will need a lot of green plastic snakes to create a headpiece from and then a long green dress or a green body suit, it is best if your outfit has a scale-like pattern on it so that is resembles the skin of a snake.

Green Medusa Costume Ideas

Peter Pan / Robin Hood

Peter Pan costumes are great green costume ideas for kids. Boys can wear the classic Robin Hood style outfit with a little green hat, while girls can wear a Tinker Bell costume – the little green fairy in the story. Adults may prefer to wear a darker green Robin Hood style outfit or a green Maid Marian dress.

Green  Costume Ideas


Most plants are green making them an obvious choice for a green costume. You can choose to dress up as a tree, bush or a flower that has a green stem and a colorful top.

Green Plant Costume Ideas


There are several green animals that you can base your costume on, such as insects, lizards and dinosaurs. One of the most common green animal costumes is a frog - in particular Kermit the Frog from the long running TV show Sesame Street. One other famous green character from that show is Oscar the Grouch, a grumpy creature that lives in a trash can.

Green Animal Costume Ideas

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are green cartoon superheroes that have large shells on their backs and use ninja weapons when fighting the bad guys.

Green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume Ideas


Most elf costumes are green, including the wood elf variety found in forests and Santa’s little helpers - the Christmas elves. A standard Christmas elf costume has a green jacket and green or red trousers plus a floppy green pointy hat. You should also wear special elf shoes that have a curled up toe at the end.

Green Elf Costume Ideas

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