Silver Or Grey Costume Ideas


One of the most popular depictions of aliens is as the Roswell type “little grey men” with enlarged heads and large black eyes, for this costume you will just need a mask and a grey skin-tight body suit. Another grey costume idea is the armor plated outfit worn by the aliens in the movie Predator. There are also many styles of silver or grey spacesuits that you can wear if you would like to dress up as an alien spaceman or spacewoman.

Grey Alien Costume Ideas


Mice are a cute grey costume idea, you will need a fury body suit and large grey ears with whiskers or a mouse mask. If you have two friends you can go to the party together as the “Three Blind Mice” from the old nursery rhyme, you simply need to add dark sunglasses and a white walking stick to a standard mouse costume.

Grey Mouse Costume Ideas


The elephant is another grey colored animal that you can turn into a costume, the body of an elephant costume is actually the same as that of a mouse costume, the only difference being that an elephant costume has a larger ears and a grey trunk instead of whiskers.

Grey Elephant Costume Ideas


Shark costumes are a popular grey costume idea, particularly funny shark costumes that have half eaten surfers sticking out of the shark’s mouth. For the shark you can choose to have a classic pointy head shape or a hammerhead shark design.

Grey Shark Costume Ideas


Old fashioned warriors who wear body armor make good grey or silver costume ideas, these include gladiators and medieval knights. These are popular costume styles for both men and women because they can be made to look cool and sexy, plus you get to have a large weapon and a shield as accessories.

Grey Gladiator And Knight Costume Ideas


For a homemade grey costume you can’t beat a robot costume. You can put one together inexpensively using cardboard sprayed with paint, and they are easy to make look cute or funny, so they are perfect costumes for kids. One variation on a modern robot costume is the Tin Man from the Wizard of oz.

Grey Robot Costume Ideas

Wolves / Werewolves

For Halloween you can choose to wear a grey wolf or werewolf costume if you are looking for a scary grey costume idea. Like the mouse or elephant costumes you can wear a grey body suit (or normal clothes for a werewolf), but it is best if the hair on the suit is long and messy. For the head you will need to wear a mask to make it look like you have a long snout full of sharp teeth, and for the best effect you should also wear large grey wolf claws on your hands.

Grey Wolf Costume Ideas

1920’s Outfits

A good grey or silver costume idea for women is a 1920’s flapper dress, that style of short sexy dress covered in tassels works well in grey or silver since it helps make them shimmer. For men, an obvious grey costume choice is a gangster since they traditionally wore grey pinstriped suits.

Grey 1920’s Costume Ideas

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