Costume Ideas For Couples

Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Couples often like to wear matching costumes for Halloween or fancy dress parties and there are many choices of famous characters that go well together. Take a look at some of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples below.

Popeye And Olive

Popeye the Sailor Man and his girl Olive Oyl are cartoon characters who first appeared in 1929. Popeye is famous for gaining super human strength when he eats spinach, which he does whenever he needs to fight his arch-rival known as Bluto, or to save Olive - his damsel in distress. Popeye's costume is a blue sailor style uniform that has a red collar and a white hat, he also has bulging forearms plus a pipe and a can of spinach as accessories. Olive Oyl’s costume is a black skirt with a gold strip on the bottom and a red top that has a white flower-like collar. Olive Oyl's long black hair is usually done in a neat bun.

Popeye And Olive Oyl Costumes For Couples

Ken And Barbie

Ken Carson and Barbara Millicent Roberts (Barbie) are plastic toy dolls made by the Mattel toy company, they are fashionable characters who wear a wide range of clothes for different occasions. For their costumes it is best to wear brightly colored clothing and to construct cardboard Ken and Barbie boxes to put yourselves into – otherwise you run the risk of just looking like two normal people! The most popular costume theme for Ken and Barbie is as prom dates, however any style of matching outfit can be used for their characters.

Ken And Barbie Costumes For Couples


Two 1920’s style gangsters, or a gangster and a flapper are another very popular costume option for couples. Classic gangster costumes are simply dark colored pinstriped suits with Trilby or Fedora hats and a toy machine gun. Bonnie and Clyde costumes are popular for gangster themed parties and are one of the easiest costumes to put together since women can wear a simple blouse, a straight skirt with a beret and use a toy hand gun as an accessory. Flappers were young women in the 1920’s who liked to party and are often associated with being the “gangster’s girl”. A typical flapper costume is a sexy cocktail dress with tassels (so that they swing when you dance the Charleston) and a headband with a feather in it. A long cigarette holder, a boa, and a large necklace are also commonly used accessories.

Gangster Costumes For Couples

Cave People

Caveman and cavewoman costumes are a fun and sexy idea for couples who are in good shape. Cave people costumes require tattered looking animal print outfits, bone jewelry and large plastic clubs that look like they are made from wood or bone. The most famous cave people costumes for couples are Fred and Wilma Flintstone or Barney and Betty Rubble, which also make great family costumes when you include Bamm-Bamm and the Flintstones’ daughter Pebbles, plus your dog as Dino - their pet dinosaur.

Cave People Costumes For Couples

Playboy Costumes

For sexy costumes one option for couples is that of Hugh Hefner and one of his Playboy Bunnies. As the founder of the Playboy empire Hugh is well known for wearing his trademark red velvet smoking jacket and black pajama trousers and is rarely seen without at least one Playboy Bunny on his arm. For women, the classic Playboy Bunny outfit is a sexy corset, pantyhose and bunny ears with a round white tail. 

Playboy Costumes For Couples

Work Costumes

There are several types of jobs that go together well as the basis for couple’s costumes. These include the obvious ones such as doctors and nurses, pilots and stewardesses, nuns (often pregnant) and priests or police and convicts. Other examples include sports jocks and cheerleaders or referees, kings and queens, lions and ring masters, and fishermen or pirates together with mermaids. For these types of “work costume” couples can make them funny versions of normal work clothes by reversing the roles and having the man wear an outfit for a traditionally female job and vice versa. These costumes are also popular to “zombify” by turning a normal work uniform into a zombie costume using some fake blood and costume makeup.

Work Costumes For Couples


Superheroes make great costumes for couples - whether they are crime fighting partners like Batman and Robin or romantically linked like Batman and Catwoman. Any two superhero costumes will go together, especially after the release of The Avengers’ movies, but some of the more common pairings are Captain America with Wonder Woman, Superman with Super Girl and He-man with She-Ra. If you prefer, you can even go to the party as the male and female version of the same character, such as a male and female Captain America. To mix things up a bit couples can go as the superhero and their arch nemesis - such as Superman and Lex Luthor or Batman and The Joker or The Penguin. If you are both in really good shape why not try Hulk and She Hulk costumes, which mostly require just green body paint plus as much muscle as possible!

Cartoon Characters

In addition to Popeye and Olive Oyl or the Flintstones there are many famous fairy tale and cartoon characters that work well together for a couples. These include Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, any of the Disney Princesses with a prince, Smurfs, Mario and Princess Peach, and the most famous of them all - Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Couples can also choose to be Roger and his sexy wife Jessica with her iconic red dress from the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or Sally and Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s 1993 animation The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Cartoon Costume Ideas For Couples

Funny Costumes For Couples

Many couples like to create their own funny costume ideas based on things that go together. Some of our favorite funny costumes ideas for couples are a tooth and the Tooth Fairy, a monkey and a tree or banana and the Cookie Monster and a cookie. Other funny costume ideas are a bee and a flower, a wall socket and plug or a lock and key. One of the easiest sexy/funny costumes for couples to make at home is probably that of Adam and Eve, since they simply require a few leaves – and good bodies. Finally, although it might sounds like a good idea for a funny costume, we recommend that couples do not wear any type of costume that requires them to be joined together all night at the party. Like a four legged horse costume or a ball and chain costume – since it will be difficult to move around in and will often end in trouble even for the closest of couples!

Funny Costume Ideas For Couples

More Costume Ideas

There are many other costume characters that couples can choose including Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Mr and Mrs. Pac-Man, cowboys and cowgirls and for Halloween - devil and angel costumes. Also popular for Halloween are his and her vampire outfits or the zombie versions of practically any costume style such as a zombie bride and groom. Since we’re talking about Halloween parties for couples we can’t afford to leave out the famous monsters who are couples, such as Frankenstein’s monster and his bride plus the green monster couple from Shrek.  One more famous couple worth mentioning is Danny and Sandy from Grease with their simple black outfits. Finally, for couples who are sci-fi fans the two obvious choices are matching Star Fleet uniforms or Jedi and Princess Leia costumes.

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