Homemade Christmas Costume Ideas

The Best DIY Costume Ideas for Christmas

Christmas themed costumes are popular for Halloween parties as well as for fancy dress parties in December. The main styles to choose from are red Santa type outfits, Christmas Elves, reindeers, and Christmas tree or Christmas present style costumes.

Santa Claus Costumes

Santa costumes are red outfits with white furry trim, black boots and a thick black belt. For men it is common to wear padding inside the costume to make them look fat, and to wear a large white beard and a white wig. Women can choose between a classic grandma style Mrs. Santa Claus costume or a sexy Santa outfit that has a short skirt. Both men and women typically wear a red Santa hat that has white trim and a round furry bobble on the end.  Most people choose to buy a Santa outfit instead of making their own, although you can still make the beard yourself using cotton wool balls or white felt.

Santa costumes are generally worn by happy people (Ho Ho Ho!) but if you are not the jolly type you can go for a Grinch style Santa costume, which is basically just a normal Santa suit (without the padding) and green face paint plus a green beard, or a Grinch mask.

Santa Costume Ideas

Christmas Elf Costumes

Christmas Elves are Santa’s little helpers who help him at the North Pole to prepare the presents ready for delivery on Christmas Eve.  A Christmas Elf costume is typically green and red with a pointy hat and little boots that have a pointy curled up toe-end. One variation on that theme is a Buddy the Elf costume from the 2003 movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell as Buddy. His costume in the movie is a green jacket with yellow leggings and black elf boots, plus a little green triangular hat.

Christmas Elf Costume Ideas

Reindeer Costumes

Santa Claus's reindeer are magical flying reindeer that pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve when he delivers presents to all the good children in the world. A reindeer costume is a brown furry body suit that has a white or beige chest section. You will also need some brown, gold, white or red reindeer antlers and ears to wear on your head. For a normal reindeer costumes you can paint a small brown nose on the face, or you can get a round red nose if you are going to a party as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Reindeer costumes are also popular for hen nights - where all the girls wear brown dresses and cute antlers and the bride-to-be wears the red Rudolph nose.

Reindeer Costume Ideas

Christmas Tree Costumes

Christmas Trees are a fun option for a homemade Christmas costume because they can be made using many of the Christmas decorations items that you will already have, such as tinsel, stars and hanging baubles. You can simply attach these items to a green dress or other suitable green clothing, or you can make a Christmas Tree shaped outfit using green felt and cardboard.

Homemade Christmas Tree Costume Ideas

Christmas Present Costumes

Christmas present style costumes are also a fun and easy DIY costume. Simply make or find a large cardboard box that you can wear resting on your shoulders with your head sticking out of the top. Then decorate the box with gift wrapping paper and a large bow, just like you would do if it was a real present! The downside to this costume is that it is a bit hard to move around in and you will not be able to sit down if the box is large. If you prefer a more comfortable costume you can simply wear a cute dress or tutu with a giant red bow on it, and also a cute little bow on your head attached to a hair band.

Homemade Christmas Present Costume Ideas

Snowmen Costumes

One final Christmas or winter themed costume option is a snowman or snowwoman costume. A classic looking snowman costume is quite hard to create since you will need to make 3 round sections for your body and head to fit into. You will also need an orange carrot shaped nose, a black top hat and a red scarf, plus 3 large black buttons to go on the front of your costume.

 An easier alternative for women is a snowwoman outfit made out of a white tutu or other suitable little white dress. Then simply add the 3 large buttons on the front and get a cute little black top-hat and a scarf. You can wear black stockings and boots to complete the look. This style of costume is cute and simple to put together and is great for either adults or kids to wear.

Homemade Snowmen Costume Ideas

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