Homemade Clown Costume ideas

Clowns are comic performers who wear colorful clothing and face paint while they perform slapstick style physical humor, typically as entertainers at circuses or children’s birthday parties. A classic clown costume features over-sized shoes, white face paint and a colorful curly wig. Although they are meant to be funny characters a lot of people find clowns to be strangely creepy, making them a popular choice as a Halloween costume. It is very easy to turn a normal clown costume into a scary clown costume, simply change the makeup for the clown’s smile to look like sharp teeth in a large black mouth.

Clown costumes can be made with basically any type of colorful clothing and some face paint, as a starting point for your costume you can look at some of the most famous clown characters - Bozo, Ronald McDonald, Pennywise the Dancing Clown and Krusty the Clown.

Bozo the Clown

For a classic Bozo the Clown costume you will need a loose fitting blue shirt and trousers that have white cuffs on the arms and legs, and a large frilly white collar. You should also add two large round buttons that are white and fluffy onto the front of the shirt. Bozo’s makeup is simply white face paint with large red lips and black lines for eyebrows, plus a large red nose. You will also need a special wig that has bright red hair which sticks out to the sides and has a bald white section on the top. As is the case with most clown costumes you should wear large red or blue clown shoes.

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is the mascot of the McDonald’s fast food chain of restaurants. For his costume you will need a yellow colored one piece suit that has no arms and short legs cut off just below the knee. The outfit should have a red zippers on it and a red circle with the yellow McDonalds “M” golden arches logo. Under this you will need to wear a red and white striped top and leggings and large red clown shoes with yellow laces. Ronald McDonald’s face is similar to Bozo’s, with white face paint and red lips, but he has a painted on red nose instead of Bozo’s large round plastic nose. Another slight difference is that Ronald has a small black line beneath each eye and smaller eyebrows than Bozo. Ronald’s wig is also red like Bozo’s, but the hair covers his entire head.


Pennywise is the evil clown in Stephen King’s book “It”. His costume is a baggy yellow jump suit that has 3 large furry ball-like buttons on the front, he also wears a multi-colored little jacket that has a frilly collar. His makeup and wig are similar to Bozo’s except that his red hair does not stick out quite as much. His lips are red, but normal in size, and not drawn in the shape of a large red smile like a classic clown’s lips.

Krusty the Clown

Krusty is the clown in The Simpsons cartoon series. He wears a simple outfit with green trousers, a purple shirt, and a blue bow tie. Krusty’s hair is a little hard to replicate since it has 3 blue sections that stick out from the sides and top of the head. Also his face in the cartoon has very large white eyes, therefore, it is easiest to just wear a Krusty mask that combines all these features, instead of using face paint and a wig.

Bozo, Ronald,Pennywise and Krusty

Clown Costume Ideas

It is very easy to put together a sexy or cute clown costume for women because you can use any type of multi-colored dress as the base of your costume. You can then just add a cute little hat and any style of colored stockings and shoes, plus a cute colored bow tie to complete the outfit.

Basic clown makeup is white face paint and red lips; however you can paint colorful shapes onto your face like diamonds or hearts if you prefer, or you can draw a large scary mouth with sharp teeth if it is a clown costume for Halloween. Other classic clown costume elements are extra large pants that have a circular waist held up by colorful suspenders, and rainbow colored frizzy wigs. One alternative to a traditional colorful clown costume is the Harlequin style clown costume that has a black and white chequered pattern on it.

Clown costumes are actually one of the easiest and most versatile of all the costume styles, since they can range in style from cute to scary, simply by the way the makeup is done, and because you can use a very wide range of colorful clothing. The costumes work with or without a colorful wig, and they still look fine even if you just use normal shoes instead of giant clown shoes.

Clown Costume Ideas

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