Homemade Lord of the Rings Costume Ideas

The epic Lord of the Rings movies have it all when it comes to costume characters, from warriors to wizards and elves to orcs you have a wide range of different styles to base your costume on. The story centers around a magical ring that gives its owner great power, but which also corrupts and twists the mind of the one who possesses it. The most popular costumes are those of the main races: humans, hobbits, wizards, elves, dwarves and orcs, although there are several other characters that can also be turned into great Halloween costumes.


Hobbits are short human like creatures that live peacefully in the grasslands. The only difference between a human and a hobbit is their hairy feet. This means that they are not the most interesting costume character for you to choose. If you would like to make a hobbit costume you will need some loose fitting peasant-like clothing and a cape. The trousers should end mid ankle to revel your hairy feet, for the feet you should buy some plastic costume feet and then glue hair onto them. You can also wear a small dagger on your belt and carry a ring if you are going to be Frodo Baggins (played by Elijah Wood).

Hobbit Costumes


The two main Wizards in the Lord of the Rings are the good wizard Gandalf (played by Ian McKellen) and Saruman the evil wizard. They both have the classic wizard look of long grey or white hair, very long beards, long robes, and they both carry a large wizard’s staff. The main difference between the two wizard’s outfits is that Gandalf often wears a pointed hat with a wide brim.

Gandalf Costumes


Ents are giant walking trees that are old and wise and are one of the good guys in the story. As with most tree style costumes they are not the easiest to make or to move around in, and if you make an Ent costume with realistic looking branches you risk poking somebody in the eye at a party.

Homemade Ent Costume Ideas


Orcs are aggressive creatures with grotesque features who are the foot soldiers in evil armies. For an orc costume you will need to dress in ragged clothing while wearing bits of armor and carrying a fearsome weapon such as a giant battle axe. You will also need a hideous green or brown orc mask (or a lot of costume makeup).

Orc Costumes


Elves are the beautiful and benevolent race in the Lord of the Rings, they have long flowing hair and wear elegant robes. Their defining characteristics are pointed elf ears and their dexterity makes them nimble warriors and expert archers. Male and female elf characters can wear elegant metal headbands to keep their hair in place. The main human character in the Lord of the rings is called Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom).

Lord of the Rings Elf Costumes


Human Lord of the Rings costumes are simply medieval warrior costumes that feature leather and armor plus a large sword. The main human character in the Lord of the rings is called Aragorn (played by Viggo Mortensen).


Dwarves are short, stocky warriors who have very large beards and usually carry a large battle axe or a giant hammer. Apart from their height, a warrior dwarf costume looks no different from a standard medieval human warrior’s costume, so it is best to use a really large weapon so that you look smaller in comparison to it. The main dwarf character in the Lord of the rings is called Gimli (played by John Rhys-Davies).

The Lord of the Rings Warriors


Sauron is an evil necromancer who leads the orc army, his costume is an extremely heavily armored outfit with giant spikes on the top of his head and shoulders.

Homemade Sauron Costume Ideas


Golum is the tormented human-like creature that is obsessed with owning the ring, he is most famous for saying “my precious” as he lovingly looks at the ring he covets. He is pale skinned and balding and he has distinctively large blue eyes. Golum costumes are not the most popular choice, since you basically have to wear just a loin cloth and crawl around on the floor acting insane!

Golum Costumes

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