Homemade Military Costume Ideas

There are 3 main branches of the military, the army, navy and the air force. In this article we will look at the basic components of the costumes for each of them.

Army Costumes

Most army costumes are green and contain some element of camouflage, this type of clothing is known as “army fatigues”. Standard fatigues are long trousers, black boots and a green or camouflaged top / jacket. Various styles of hat can be worn depending on the type of soldier and their mission, common army head wear includes peaked caps, hard round helmets, headwraps, jungle hats, balaclavas, berets and formal hats which are not worn during battle. There are obviously a wide range of accessories that you can use with your costume including any type of weapon, bullet belts, medals and sunglasses.

For women there are a wide range of army costume styles to choose from (basically any item of clothing as long as it is green or camouflaged). It is popular for women to wear vintage style formal army costumes that feature long straight skirts. If you prefer, you can wear the more old fashioned style army costumes, such as those from the American Civil or Revolutionary wars.

Army Costume Ideas

Tank Costumes

For kids a fun homemade army costume is that of a tank, which you can make out of cardboard or wood and then paint green. Simply add a tube for the gun and paint white stars or camouflage onto the body of the tank. The hardest part is making the tank tracks look realistic; one easy method is to cut out some small rectangular strips of cardboard and then duct tape them in a row leaving small spaces between them. Once you have made a long loop of tank tracks you can paint them, and then lay them over some round wooden wheels, fixed onto the side of your tank. Tank costumes are perfect for building over wheel chairs or strollers.

Green Army Men

One very popular type of army costume is that of a green plastic toy soldier. To make this costume it is best to use green spray paint to color your clothing so that the color matches exactly. For your face you can spray pantyhose with the green paint and then wear them over your head (do not spray paint your face!). You can also buy toy guns and a hat and spray them green, finally you can spray a cut-out fabric mat to stand on so that you look like a green army man soldier for photos.

Toy Soldier Costume Ideas

Navy Costumes

Sailor costumes are typically white or blue and feature anchor logos on the shirt and on the hat. Most sailor costumes include a white hat and often a neckerchief. One popular style of naval costume is that of an old style Admiral, with a large curved hat called a bicorn and a small cutlass, you can also carry a small collapsible brass telescope as a costume accessory. If you would like a naval costume with more accessories you can choose to wear a Navy Seal type outfit, complete with black scuba gear and guns or knives.

Navy Costume Ideas

Air Force Costumes

Air force costumes are typically solid green “Top Gun” style jump suits or solid blue formal wear with peaked caps. For a Top Gun style costume cool aviator sunglasses are a must, and wing badges and flags should be sewn onto the costume. Alternatively, you can make or buy a flight helmet, that has a visor and breathing mask built into it. For a complete look you might also consider making a cardboard fighter jet to wear hanging from your shoulders by straps, although that is a lot of work to make and not the most convenient style of costume you can choose.

Air Force Costume Ideas

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