Homemade Pirate Costume Ideas

Famous Pirates and DIY Pirate Costume Ideas

Pirates are the robbers of the sea, who search for unsuspecting ships that they can attack in order to steal their bounty. The life of a pirate is often romanticized as being one that is free and exciting, with tropical settings, seedy taverns and swashbuckling sword fights the norm.

Most pirate costumes are similar in style, put together with loose fitting brown and white clothing, boots and a three pointed tricorne hat or a bandana. Below we will look at two of the most famous pirate costumes, with details of the typical items that you will need to make a perfect pirate costume.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

Captain Jack Sparrow is the pirate played by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He is a carefree, alcoholic and slightly mad character with a good heart. For a Jack Sparrow costume you will need brown suede–like boots that are knee high and have large folds hanging down from the top. You will also need a loose white top, a dark waist coat, and dark grayish-green trousers. Around your waist you should tie a tattered white cloth that has red lines on it, and also a used-looking brown belt that has a large buckle.
Jack Sparrow’s hair is actually very complex, with matted dreadlocks and braids, plus colored beads, trinkets, coins, a long thin reindeer bone, plus some feathers tied to the ends of his hair. He also wears a red bandana, and has dark, thick eye shadow around his eyes. In fact, Jack Sparrow’s hair is more complicated to make than most other entire costumes on this site! To complete the costume you can wear a long pirate’s jacket and a tricorne hat, you can also attach a small sword to a shoulder strap and stick an old fashioned replica flintlock pistol into your belt.

Jack Sparrow pirate costumes

Captain Hook Costumes

Captain James Hook is the pirate captain of the Jolly Roger in the story of Peter Pan. He wears a large iron hook on his left hand because it was cut off by Peter Pan and eaten by a crocodile. Captain Hook’s costume is black or red trousers cut off at the knee with white high socks and black shoes, or long trousers and pirate boots. You should then wear a white ruffled pirate shirt, with or without a large black or red waist coat, over which you will need a large elegant jacket with gold trim. You will also need a black or red tricorne hat, a large sword, and of course a fake hook on your left hand. It is also best if you have white ruffled cuffs and a ruffled collar on the shirt or you can wear a white ruffled tie instead.

Homemade Pirate Costume Ideas

Pirate costumes are often made with elements of Steampunk in them, such as leather corsets and cog wheel decorations. Almost all pirate costumes are based on brown clothing, but you can add touches of gold, red and green to make them look more elegant. One popular accessory to wear with a pirate costume is a black eye patch, often with a white skull and crossbones on it – the feared symbol of death that is used by pirates on their flags. For a funny pirate costume you can attach a toy parrot to your shoulder, or you can create a funny combined “pirate stealing a mermaid costume”.

Captain Hook And Steampunk Pirate Costumes

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