Homemade Zombie Costume Ideas

Great Zombie Costume Ideas that you can Make at Home

Zombies make very popular Halloween costume characters, particularly since the advent of zombie themed video games, movies and TV series. Zombies are the walking dead - corpses that have been reanimated, in science fiction this is often due to a fast spreading infection that is passed on through a bite from a zombie. Zombies usually have no higher brain functions (apart from very faint memories of their past life in some cases) and are driven only by their desire to consume human flesh. The majority of zombies in movies and on TV are slow walking creatures that are easily outwitted, however some, such as those in 2004 movie Dawn of the Dead, can run, making them far more formidable.

 The Walking Dead Zombie Costumes

How To Make A Zombie Costume

Zombie costumes can be based on any type of clothing since they are just the clothes that the zombie died in. These clothes simply need to be made to look blood stained, dirty and preferably damaged, so it is best if you use old clothing which you don’t mind ripping to shreds. You will also need to use makeup to make your skin look pale white or grey and to give you dark, sunken rings around your eyes. Finally you will need to make numerous fake wounds on your body or face. The wounds can be simple cuts or they can be made to look like deep gashes which exposure the skeleton beneath.

You will also need to buy plenty of fake blood to spray onto the clothing, usually around the neck area or near any open wounds that you have made. For the wounds you will need liquid latex or a ready made latex wound than you can stick onto your skin. The ideal zombie costume wound is one that looks like something which could have killed you, such as a torn out throat or a hole in the head from a gunshot. If you prefer, you can add a plastic knife, arrow or cleaver on a headband, although most zombie costumes just use fake blood and wounds without any weapon attachments.

Zombie Makeup Ideas

Other zombie costume ideas include zippers attached to your face with spirit glue, you then use white face powder outside the zipped area and fake blood inside the zipped area. This makes it look like your skin is zipped open and the effect is striking. A more complex option for a homemade zombie costume is a dismembered effect where it looks as though someone is carrying your head or your head and upper body. For a sexy zombie costume you can use costume makeup to create “skin suspenders” or you can simply wear torn and bloody stockings or pantyhose.

Homemade Zombie Costume Ideas

Instead of normal clothing you can choose to base your zombie costume on a specific character or uniform. The process is the same as above except that you will first need to buy or make the base costume, such as a famous superhero, cartoon character or a uniform from one of the professions. Below we will look at some of the most popular character types to turn into zombies.

Zombie Bride And Groom Costumes

Zombie Bride Costumes


Zombie Jock And Cheerleader Costumes

 Zombie Cheerleader, Zombie Schoolgirl And Zombie Prom Queen


Pregnant Zombie Costumes

Double the horror with a pregnant zombie costume complete with a zombie baby bursting out of your stomach.

Pregnant Zombie Costumes


Zombie Doctor Or Nurse Costumes

Zombie nurse or doctor costumes are particularly appropriate because they would often be the first ones to come into contact with a diseased patient who might infect them.

Zombie Nurse Costume Ideas

Overall, zombie costumes are some of the easiest and most wide ranging costumes that you can make at home for Halloween, although the grotesque factor is not to everybody’s taste, and they are often too horrific to wear around children. For couples, one fun option is to go to a party as a zombie and a zombie hunter, usually with the guy as a mindless zombie, and the girl as a cool sexy hunter wearing a long trench coat and carrying a big gun.

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