How To Make A Queen Of Hearts Costume

A Selection Of The Best DIY Homemade Queen Of Hearts Costume Ideas.

About The Queen Of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a character in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland written by author Lewis Carroll in 1865. She is famous for being bad tempered and demanding and is most well known for the catch phrase "Off with their heads!", that saying was first used by Shakespeare in his plays where English royalty where giving someone a death sentence. The combination of an elegant costume with a strong personality makes The Queen of Hearts a very popular costume character, although it is one of the more complex homemade costumes to make.

DIY Homemade Queen Of Hearts Costume Ideas

The Queen of hearts' costume gown is typically a full length, flared red dress with a white front section, onto which large red felt hearts are sewn. To create the most regal looking dress the fabric should be made from velvet or satin, however for children the skirt can be made from tulle. A simple black top or a black jacket can then be used to complete the main part of the costume. To accessorize the costume several items will be required including a scepter, neck piece and of course a crown.

The Neck Collar

The neck collar for a Queen of Hearts costume is made in the style of a 16th century Elizabethan neck ruff, the larger the better! Traditional neck ruffs were made from pleated fabric that was sewn in a circular design, however most Queen of Hearts costumes use a deck of playing cards set in a semi-circular or fan shaped arrangement. The playing cards should be laid out in the desired shape then stapled or glued together, it is advisable to temporarily fix the cards in place using masking tape first so that minor adjustments can be made before permanently setting them in place. When making a playing card style neck collar it is best to use at least 2 rows of cards to create a "ruffled look". Alternatively, a piece of white cotton or patterned fabric can be sewn onto a cut-out cardboard shape or backed with stiffened interfacing to create a simple fabric based neck collar. The collar is the most difficult part of the costume to make and in a pinch you can use a ready made neck choker with a few playing cards attached to it instead of making a large fan style collar.

Queen Of Hearts Playing Card Collar

Queen Of Hearts Makeup

There are two main styles of makeup, cute heart shaped designs or the creepier style with white face powder and blue eye shadow as featured in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie from 2010. In both styles a heart shape is made using deep red lipstick on the lips that contrasts strongly with the white face powder. Other decorative makeup elements can include face paintings of the 4 classic card symbols of spades, clubs, diamonds and of course, hearts. For the Tim Burton movie style costume a red wig can be used to complete the look.

Queen Of Hearts Makeup Ideas

The Scepter And Other Accessories

A scepter is a staff that is often used ceremonially by royalty during formal occasions. For convenience a smaller wand like object can be used as the scepter for your Queen of Hearts costume. The obvious choices for the head of the scepter are a crown, heart or red jewel shape, or a few cards can simply be attached to the end of the scepter's handle. Over-sized playing cards may also be used as accessories on the costume or fashioned into a crown, although a small red or gold crown is more popularly used for cute or sexy Queen of Hearts costumes. For shorter, sexy style dresses it is best to use white stockings or knee high socks, preferably with a red heart pattern on them or a striped pattern.

Queen Of Hearts Scepter Styles

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