How To Make A Witch Costume

Homemade Witch Costume Ideas

The main components for a homemade witch costume are a black dress, pointy hat, black boots, an old fashioned broom, and some creepy Halloween style jewelry, such as bat earrings or spider necklaces.  Black is usually the primary color, with touches of purple or green used as accents on the dress or hat. It is also common to use black pantyhose or striped tights/socks if you are wearing a short dress or a tutu. A thin layer of tulle can be laid over the dress or shoulder area if you would like to give the outift a creepier look.

Homemade Witch Costume Ideas

One other common accessory for witch costumes is a stuffed toy black cat, preferably one with an arched back so that it looks angry or scared. If you are having a Halloween party in your own home it is a great idea to make a giant DIY witches cauldron out of Papier-mâché, or by using a large round black garden pot. You can fill the top of the cauldron with shredded cotton balls, toy spiders and other plastic insects, plus candy for kids. You can even make a realistic boiling effect by using some dry ice to create a white mist in the cauldron, although this effect is not suitable for a children’s Halloween party since the dry ice will burn the skin if touched.


Two famous fictional witches that you can base your costume on are The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz and The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  The Wicked Witch of the West has all the characteristics of a classic witch, including a black costume and ugly features with green warty skin, while the White Witch is elegant and mystical looking.

Famous Witch Costumes

For a classic witch's costume the broom should be made to look very natural (modern brooms just don’t look right), so it is best to make you own broom using hemp, jute or twigs as the brush. For the handle of the broom you will need to find a suitable stick, or you can use a normal broom handle and paint it black or purple with white stripes. But a sturdy stick or tree branch looks best, particularly if it is slightly twisted or gnarly. To make your costume funny you can sew or buy a small ragged stuffed black cat and attach it to your dress or shoulder area. Or you can hang cut-out black paper bats from clear fishing line attached to wires sticking up from your hat.

Witch Makeup Ideas

Most women prefer not to make themselves look hideous by adding rubber costume prosthetics to create the large hooked nose and long pointy chin of a classic movie witch. Instead, it is more common for witch costume makeup to feature creepy, but cute, face art with cobwebs or bat designs. Even simple green face paint can be used (with or without the addition of any warts) to give the perfect effect for a scary Halloween witch costume. If you prefer not to paint your face, then green or purple eye shadow with some glitter will suffice.

Alternatively, you can go for more of a sorceress type look by skipping the hat and using sultry, gothic style makeup with white face powder.  Sexy witch or sorceress costumes often have dresses with high slits or tattered edges that reveal pantyhosed legs and black high heels. For a less sexy option you can wear heavy boots and opaque pantyhose, and for a more elegant look you can wear a cape or shawl over the black dress.

Witch Costume Makeup Ideas

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