Multicolored Costume Ideas

Some costumes styles can be made in a range of solid colors, such as ballet outfits, stewardess uniforms or princess gowns, while others contain multiple colors in one outfit. Below we will look at some of the most popular multicolored costume styles, if you would like to see all the costumes with multiple color choices please click here.


The first multicolored costume idea that most people might think of is a clown costume. Clown’s outfits are almost always made up of a variety of colors and patterns, typically red, yellow, blue and white. Clowns also often wear colorful makeup with red noses and lips, although the base of the makeup is mostly white face powder. To complete your clown costume you can choose to wear a colorful little hat or a rainbow colored curly wig.

 Multicolored Clown Costume Ideas


One of the most beautiful multicolored costume styles is a butterfly costume. You can choose from a very wide range of colors, and the design of the body and wings can feature beautiful and intricate colored patterns. Butterfly costumes are a popular choice for little girls and they can also be made to look cute and sexy for women.

 Multicolored Butterfly Costume Ideas


Fairy costumes look similar to butterfly costumes except that the wings are usually smaller and of a different shape. Fairy costumes tend to come in solid colors without the detailed multicolored patterns of the butterfly costumes, this makes them easier to make at home compared to a butterfly costume.

 Multicolored Fairy Costume Ideas

Mardi Gras / Carnival

For a colorful sexy costume idea you can’t beat Mardi Gras or carnival costumes, particularly the showgirl style costumes with large head dresses. These types of costumes feature sexy outfits in a wide range of colors, plus feathers and colorful masks.

 Multicolored Carnival Costume Ideas


Doll costumes can be made in any color but they usually feature blues and reds and often have a simple repeating pattern on them such as large dots or stripes. For women, sexy doll costumes often look very similar to sexy clown costumes since they both feature short colorful dresses and striped socks or stockings. The biggest difference is the makeup style, even though both clown and doll makeup uses white face powder as their base, doll makeup if typically just red circles on the cheeks and small red lips, while clown makeup is a red nose and a large red smile.

 Multicolored Doll Costume Ideas


Hippie costumes are the most colorful of all costumes, particularly the ones that have tie-dyed fabrics where bright colors are blended together to create a rainbow like effect. For women, colorful flower dresses are popular as the base for a hippie costume, and for the hair you can wear a headband that has multiple colors or lots of small flowers stuck to it.

 Multicolored Hippie Costume Ideas


Many cartoon monsters come in a variety of colors, particular those from the Pixar movies. For a cute monster costume idea you can wear a furry multicolor body section with colorful leggings and a furry hood that has large eyes or little horns on it.

 Multicolored MonterCostume Ideas


Zombie costumes are technically in the multicolor costume category because zombies can wear any type of outfit. Also, most zombie costume will be covered in fake blood adding a dash of horrific color to the costume.

 Multicolored Zombie Costume Ideas


Apart from butterflies the obvious choice for a multicolored animal costume is a parrot costume, usually one with red, green, yellow and blue feathers. For a solid color costume you can choose to be a fish, or for a truly colorful animal costume idea you can be a rainbow unicorn!

 Multicolored Animal Costume Ideas

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