Orange Costume Ideas

There are not a lot of orange costume ideas to choose from, but check out some ideas below that are a little more interesting than going to the party dressed as an orange crayon or a piece of fruit.


The obvious choice for an orange Halloween costume is a pumpkin costume. You can choose to have a pumpkin shaped body or a pumpkin shaped head, on this you should have a face, usually triangular black eyes and nose with a large black smiling mouth.

Orange Pumpkin Costume Ideas


A cute orange costume idea for girls is a Monarch butterfly costume since they are orange and black in color. These costumes work well with short skirts or tutus and a headband with black butterfly antennae for your head.

Orange Butterfly Costume Ideas


Several types of fish are orange in color, including goldfish, koi and of course Nemo (a clown fish) from the movie Finding Nemo, any of these can be turned into cute orange costumes for kids.

Orange Fish Costume Ideas


There are two main styles of convict or prisoner costume, the black and white striped variety and the orange jump suit style outfits. These costumes are very simple and require only a pair of handcuffs or a ball and chain as accessories. They also make good costumes for couples since your partner can go to the party dressed as a police officer.

Orange Prisoner Costume Ideas


Tigers are one of the few animals that you can turn into an orange costume. You can wear an orange body suit with black stripes and then use orange and black face paint to complete the look. These costumes are popular for both women and children since they can be made to look either sexy or cute.

Orange Tiger Costume Ideas

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