Pink Costume Ideas


Princess costumes for little girls are often pink in color, unless they are the costumes for one of the Disney princesses who wear blue or yellow gowns like Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Two famous cartoon character princesses who wear pink outfits are Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time and Princess Peach from Super Mario.

Pink Princess Costume Ideas


Pigs are a fun pink costume idea, you can wear a pink onesie and a fake pig snout and ears, or you can dress up as the famous Miss Piggy from Sesame Street by wearing a frilly pink dress and a large necklace with a pig mask.

Pink Pig Costume Ideas

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty costumes are usually put together with a white top and a pink skirt plus a pink bow for your hair.

Pink Hello Kitty Costume Ideas


Fairy costumes can be any color however pink fairy costumes are popular for little girls.

Pink Fairy Costume Ideas


Most bunny rabbit costumes are either white or pink, you can also buy sexy pink Playboy Bunny costumes, although red or black are more commonly used for those.

Pink Bunny Costume Ideas

Vintage Pink Costumes

From the fifties you can choose a couple of classic pink costumes. Firstly, the Pink Lady outfits worn in the movie Grease (set in 1959), these costumes consist of a pink jacket and tight black trousers. From this era you could also choose to wear a pink Poodle skirt outfit or perhaps a pink hippie outfit from a little later in the sixties. One other vintage costume style that goes well in pink is a frilly 1920ís flapper dress.

Vintage Pink Costume Ideas

Showgirls / Ballerinas

Two other costume styles that look good in pink are showgirls and ballerinas. Showgirls are good as a sexy costume for extroverts, and a ballerina is a cute pink outfit for little girls.

Pink Showgirl And Ballerina Costume Ideas

Strawberry Shortcake

A popular pink costume character for kids is Strawberry Shortcake. Her costume is a pink and white dress with dots on it, and a pink wig and hat. She wears green and white striped stockings on her legs and pink shoes.

Pink Strawberry Shortcake Costume Ideas

Nurses / Candy Stripers

Pink nurse or Candy Striper outfits are a popular sexy costume idea for women. Both outfits typically feature short pink dresses and white stockings plus a little white nurseís hat with a red cross on it.

Pink Nurse Costume Ideas

Pink Power Ranger

One of the five colors used by the power rangers is pink, their costumes are skin tight body suits and motorcycle-like helmets that have dark visors.

Pink Costumes For Women

Finally, we should note that many traditionally male costumes are turned into a pink version for women, or to make them funny and cute. This effect works well with the really macho costume styles like the Iron Man or Halo battle suits.

Pink Costume Ideas For Women

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