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Popular Princess Costumes From Movies And Cartoons

Most princess costumes are based on the outfits worn by the princesses in the Disney animations, many of whom are based on characters from popular classic fairy tales. The costumes typically feature brightly colored, elegant ball gowns, opera gloves, plus tiaras or headbands. Princess costumes are one of the most popular costumes styles for young girls, although sexy short-skirted versions are also commonly worn by adults at Halloween parties. In this article we will look at the most popular of the princess costumes together with details of the characters on which they are based.

Snow White

Snow White is the original Disney Princess, her story is based on an old German fairy tale and her first appearance on the screen was in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. The story of Snow White begins with the queen wishing that she had a daughter with "skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony". This description gives you the basic makeup and hair color for your costume; you will also need a blue and yellow dress with a large white collar plus a red bow for your hair. The story also features a poison apple and of course the Seven Dwarfs, each with their own distinctive personality or quirk. Getting a nice shiny red apple to go with your costume is easy, but finding seven friends to dress up as dwarfs will take more effort!

Men can dress as the Prince who famously kisses Snow White to wake her up - since only “a kiss of true love” can revive her from the endless sleep that befalls her when she takes a bite of the poisoned apple. The apple itself is the work of another famous character in the story - The Evil Queen, who becomes Snow White's step mother after her real mother dies giving birth to her. Every morning the Evil Queen would ask her magic mirror "Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?" to which the mirror would always reply, "My queen, you are the fairest in the land". However, Snow White eventually grows up and becomes more beautiful than the queen and on that day the mirror replies "My queen, you are the fairest here so true. But Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you". In her jealous rage the Evil Queen tries to kill Snow White using various methods, including the poison apple.

Snow White Costume Ideas


The most famous of all the Disney princesses is probably Cinderella, known for her rags to riches story of a servant girl who meets and falls in love with her Prince Charming. The story begins with Cinderella being forced to work as a maid in her own home by her evil stepmother, where she is constantly tormented by her mean stepsisters. One day the king decides to hold a grand ball in order to find a suitable wife for his son, Prince Charming. Cinderella prepares to attend the party and her mice and bird friends help her by making a ball gown from rags of cloth. Out of jealousy her mean stepsisters destroy the gown, however later that day Cinderella's Fairy Godmother steps in to help by using magic to turn the shredded dress into a beautiful ball gown and transforming the mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage.

Cinderella attends the ball and the Prince falls in love with her, however she has to leave before he has time to find out her name because the magic wears off at midnight. In her rush to leave she drops one of her glass slippers and this shoe is used to find the girl that the prince will marry - by testing all the maidens in the kingdom to see whose foot fits the slipper. Once it is found that Cinderella is the rightful owner of the slipper she marries Prince Charming and lives happily ever after - as is the case in all the best fairy tales about princesses. Cinderella's costume is a beautiful light blue ball gown, opera gloves and a blue head band plus white, silver, or transparent high heels.

Cinderella Costume Ideas


Princess Aurora is the main character in the Disney film “Sleeping Beauty” from 1959 which is based on a classic fairy tale like many of Disney's animated films. Sleeping Beauty is the story of a young princess who is cursed by an evil fairy called Maleficent to sleep endlessly, she can only be awoken from the sleeping curse by a kiss from her true love - much like the story of Snow White. In the original 1959 Disney animation Aurora’s dress is constantly being changed from blue to pink and back again by two of the “Three Good Fairies”, who disagree on what color the dress should be.  Therefore, either color can be used for her costume, although pink is often preferred to differentiate her outfit from that of Cinderella’s costume – and because it is a cute and popular color for little girls. 


Princess Ariel is a character from the 1989 animated film “The Little Mermaid” that is based on the fairy tale story of the same name written by Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel has bright red hair, a green mermaid tail and a purple seashell bikini top. She is the youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena and has a rebellious and curious personality. King Triton costumes, with their impressive three pronged tridents are also popular and are one of the few mermen style costumes. In the story Ariel saves Prince Eric from drowning, then falls in love with him and gives up her voice to a sea witch named Ursula in return for becoming human so that she can be with Prince Eric. Common accessories for a little mermaid costume are a star fish hair ornament, a small yellow fish called Flounder and Sebastien the crab.


Belle is the beauty from the animated film Beauty and the Beast (1991) which is the story of an arrogant prince who is punished by an enchantress and turned him into a hideous beast. To break the curse the prince must find someone to love and get them to love him in return before he turns 21, otherwise he will remain a beast forever.  Belle is an intelligent young village girl who eventually falls in love with the prince and breaks the curse, her outfit is a yellow or gold colored gown, yellow or white opera gloves and a yellow head band or ribbon for your hair.

Aurora, Arial And Belle


Princess Jasmine is a character from the animated feature film Aladdin (1992), she is the daughter of the sultan but is frustrated with her life inside the palace walls and runs away from home because her father is trying to marry her off to various princes, whereas she wants to marry for true love. During the adventures that ensue she meets a peasant boy named Aladdin. Aladdin finds a magic lamp that contains a genie who grants him 3 wishes, one of which he uses to become a prince. Jasmine falls in love with Aladdin during a magic carpet ride and eventually marries him. Princess Jasmine’s costume is a sexy blue, harem style outfit with a jeweled head band. In addition to the title character of the story, Aladdin also features another very popular character for costumes – that of the mischievous Blue Genie.


Not all of the so called “Disney Princesses” are born royal or even end up marrying a prince. One such example is Mulan - a Chinese girl turned warrior who pretends to be a man so that she can fight against an invading army. In the story she meets and falls in love with an army captain and so she never actually becomes a royal princess – but she is still regarded as one of the Disney Princesses. Mulan’s costume is a traditional Chinese style outfit in pink, red and blue.


Pocahontas was a real historical figure; she was the daughter of a Native American chief who lived in Jamestown in the 17th century. The 1995 Disney story of Pocahontas is only loosely based on her actual life and in the animated story she falls in love and saves colonist John Smith. Her costume is a light brown Native American style outfit with tassels. Brown Native American style boots or Moccasins and a head band with a feather in it can be used to complete the costume.

Jasmine, Mulan And Pocahontas


Rapunzel is a fairy tale character famous for her 70 foot long magical golden hair. She spends her life locked in a high tower by an evil old woman who uses her hair’s healing ability to stay young. The tower has no door or stairs, so when the old woman needs to go up to Rapunzel she calls out “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair“. Rapunzel then drops down her hair from the tower window so that the woman can climb up to her. One day a prince uses her hair to climb up the tower and meet Rapunzel, although in the 2010 Disney film “Tangled” he is a common thief and not a prince. Rapunzel’s costume is a purple dress with large shoulder pads, you will also need a blonde wig unless you happen to already have very long blonde hair.


Tiana is the main character from the Disney film The Princess and the Frog (2009) - she is a hard working young woman in 1920's New Orleans who dreams of starting her own restaurant. While dressed like a princess she meets a prince who has been turned into a frog and who must kiss a princess to become human again. However because she is not a real princess she is also turned into a frog when she kisses him. After some adventures in the Bayou together they are married and this time when Tiana kisses the prince they both turn into humans since she is now a real princess. Tiana’s outfit is a green and yellow flower-like gown.


Merida is the Scottish princess from the 2012 movie Brave. She is a skilled archer and a brave warrior who uses her talents to avoid being forced to marry a husband who is not of her own choosing. The story is set in medieval times; therefore her costume is a Renaissance style green dress, with the addition of a bow and arrow of course. To match the Disney character a red wig and cape should be worn, and it is best if you have a naturally fiery personality since Merida is not one of the more demure Disney Princesses. 

Rapunzel, Tiana And Merida

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is a character in the Mario video game series; she is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and wears a pink or peach colored gown, white opera gloves and a gold crown. Princess Peach is the love interest of Mario and often plays a damsel in distress role where she needs to be rescued by him. Princess Peach costumes are popular with families where the men or boys can dress as Mario and Luigi while the girls dress as Princess Peach. 

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom in the popular animated cartoon series “Adventure Time”.  She is a relatively serious and nerdy character who occasionally shows her fun side and who constantly has to take care of the wacky candy people since they require endless supervision or they get themselves into trouble. Her costume is a long pink dress and a simple gold tiara with a blue jewel on the top. A Princess Bubblegum costume also requires a long pink wig, since her hair is made from pink bubblegum. There are actually many different princesses in the Adventure Time cartoon series, including Lumpy Space Princess and Fire Princess but many of Adventure Time’s princesses are difficult to replicate in costume form due to their unusual body shapes. 

Princess Leia

The most famous sci-fi princess is Leia - Princess of Alderaan from the Star Wars universe. She is known for her strong and determined personality and is a skilled fighter who looks right at home during a laser gun battle. Her most famous costume styles are a long white dress with her iconic cinnamon bun hairstyle and a sexy harem slave girl outfit from the movie Return of the Jedi. Princess Leia is a very popular costume character and she can be elegant, flirtatious, brave or funny - depending on the situation.

Princess Peach, Bubblegum And Leia

Most of the traditional princess costumes are relatively large and complex constructions, so it may be better to buy the dress and tiara instead of attempting to make them at home. In addition to the famous movie and cartoon princesses above it is also very common for young girls to just dress as “a princess” - with a cute pastel colored gown or tutu, a tiara, and sometimes a small wand. Princess themed birthday parties are popular for little girls and the perfect princess party wouldn’t be complete without a castle - which can be either wooden, cardboard or bouncy!

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