Red Costume Ideas

Check out a selection of the best red costume ideas below, or click here to see a list of all the costumes that have some elements of red in them.

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica is Roger the rabbit’s wife in the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, her character is a sexy lounge singer with a cool and seductive personality. Jessica Rabbit costumes are one of the simplest and most popular sexy red costume ideas for women.

Red Jessica Rabbit Costume Ideas

Iron Man

A great red costume idea for kids is an Iron Man costume, it’s quite hard work to make a full Iron Man suit as a DIY project so you might want to just buy a ready made Iron Man jump suit and mask.

Red Iron Man Costume Ideas


The devil is a popular character for a Halloween costume, the larger and scarier the better. You can wear red face paint and clip-on horns, then use a red cape or a red dress for the outfit. If you are well built you might consider just using red body paint to show off your muscles. To complete the look you can carry a pitch fork with red prongs.

Red Devil Costume Ideas


Elmo costumes are a popular red costume idea, particularly for kids. You will need a furry red jump suit and either a red hoodie with white eyes or an Elmo mask.

Red Elmo Costume Ideas


Santa costumes are one of the most popular red costume styles and they can be worn during either Christmas or Halloween. For men, a large red suit is typically worn with white fur trim, and for women a cute sexy short red outfit is the most popular style. For any Santa costume you will also need a floppy red Santa hat with a white bobble on the end.

Red Santa Costume Ideas

Little Red Riding Hood

We can’t forget to include Little Red Riding Hood in our red costume ideas page because she even has red in her name. The “hood” is a large hooded red cloak that you can wear over a red dress to create a 100% red costume. Alternatively you can wear the red cloak over any type or color of clothing and it still works - making this one of the easiest and fastest costumes to throw together. Simply add a wicker basket to hold your food for grandma and you’re done.

Red Riding Hood Costume Ideas

The Flash

The Flash is a superhero known for his speed, his costume is a bright red bodysuit with yellow boots and yellow lightning bolts on the waist, cuffs and ears.

The Flash Costume Ideas

Star Trek

Although the more modern Star Trek uniforms come in blue, red or gold with black trousers the classic Star Trek uniform for women was a short red dress. The character most notable for wearing that style of outfit is lieutenant Uhura - played by Nichelle Nichols in the original Star Trek TV series. In the original Star Trek series red uniforms were worn by engineering and security, but in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, red uniforms are worn by command.

Red Star Trek Costume Ideas


One other red costume ideas is a red lobster costume. You can go for the full lobster look or simply wear a red dress with large claws on your hands and a hat with beady little eyes.

Red Lobster Costume Ideas /></p>
<h3>Red Solo Cup</h3>
<p>For a funny red costume idea why not try a Red Solo Cup costume, the only accessory that you will need for this costume is a real red solo cup in your hand to drink from at the party.</p>
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