Sexy Costume Ideas

Popular Sexy Costume And Lingerie Ideas

Sexy costumes are popular at Halloween because it is the one night of the year when you can wear pretty much anything in public without it looking inappropriate or too risqué. Super short skirts, enhanced cleavage, fishnet stockings and thigh high boots are all standard attire for women at many Halloween parties. It is also an opportunity to wear extreme makeup that accentuates the lips and eyes, and to strike sexy poses for photographs like a glamour model. Year round, sexy costumes are also worn by couples in the bedroom as an exotic form of lingerie to spice up their love life. In this article we will look at some of the most popular styles of sexy costumes and lingerie, although nowadays pretty much any style of costume is made in a sexy version. 

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Playboy Bunny Costumes

Probably the most famous style of sexy costume is that of the Playboy Bunny - made famous as the outfit worn by Hugh Hefner's waitresses/hostesses known as "bunnies". The Playboy Bunnies and their iconic outfit are a major part of the whole Playboy empire branding. The classic Playboy bunny outfit consists of a corset teddy, black pantyhose, rabbit style ears and a furry tail, plus white cuffs and a bow tie. This style of costume may be a little too sexy for most people since it is basically just like wearing lingerie in public. However, it can be made a bit more conservative by wearing a skirt, tutu or hot pants over the corset to turn it into more of a sexy tuxedo style outfit rather than being only lingerie. The Playboy Bunny costume is also good for couples at Halloween since the man can dress up as Hugh Hefner in his famous red velour smoking jacket and black pajama pants.

Sexy Playboy Bunny Costumes

Sexy Work Costumes

Some of the most popular costumes and lingerie are sexy versions of uniforms such as those worn by nurses, maids, waitresses, stewardesses, police, the armed forces and for men in particular - firefighters. Also very popular are sexy teacher, schoolgirl and secretary style costumes. These "work type" clothes or uniform style costumes are often used in role playing by couples as well as for sexy theme parties - such as the popular "back to school" type parties where women dress as naughty schoolgirls or for hen parties where groups of girls dress in the same sexy uniforms.

Sexy Uniform Costumes

Other Popular Sexy Costume Characters

GenieBelly Dancer Showgirl Native American Cowgirl Sexy Santa

Plus many of the superheroines who have tight fitting sexy costumes, and the Disney princesses - whose sexy costumes are simply their normal costume style but with a short skirt or tutu. Of the superheroines the most famously sexy is probably Catwoman, with her skin tight black outfit and her playful and seductive personality.