White Costume Ideas

There are many types of white costumes including famous styles such as Elvis’ Las Vegas suit, Marilyn Monroe’s sexy white dress, or the Stormtroopers outfits from Star Wars. To see all the white costume styles click here, or check out some of the most popular white costume ideas below.


Snowmen costumes are a fun white costume idea for kids, women or men. Snowwoman costumes are usually put together with a white tutu and a white top, plus black stockings and black shoes or boots. For a more realistic snowman costume you can wear a one piece bodysuit with some padding inside it to make the body look rounder. All snowman costumes have three large black buttons on the front and most also use a black top hat and a red scarf as accessories.

White Snowman Costume Ideas


One of the most popular white costumes for women is an angel costume because they are beautiful and relatively simple to make. All you need is a white dress (short or long) and a simple halo made of silver or white tinsel on a piece of wire that has been bent into a circle. The only hard part is the angel wings which you can buy or make using card or feathers.

White Angel Costume Ideas

Toga Party

One of the most commonly worn costume styles is the toga, which is used for toga parties year round or for Halloween. A standard toga party costume is basically just a white sheet wrapped around the body, while more stylish toga costumes are Greek goddess outfits or Roman style costumes. Toga costumes are probably the most comfortable of all the costume styles, that comfort combined with their sexy simplicity makes them very popular outfits for both men and women.

White Toga Party Costume Ideas


A classic sexy white costumes is a nurse’s uniform, particularly one with a short skirt and white stockings. Any sexy white dress will do, then you simply need to add a little red trim and a small red cross on the outfit, you can then add a white nurse’s hat to complete the costume.

White Nurse Costume Ideas


Sailor costumes are either whte or blue or some combination of those two colors. For women, a sexy little white dressing with blue trim is popular, while for men a classic sailor’s suit with a white sailor hat is typically worn.

White Sailor Costume Ideas


The number one costume for Halloween is a white ghost costume because it is so simple to make being basically just a white sheet with two eye holes cut out of it. An alternative to that kind of simple ghost costume is to wear white vintage clothing and a white veil, plus white face powder to give yourself a ghostly appearance.

White Ghost Costume Ideas


Most astronaut costumes are made from white jumpsuits with a large white helmet and various flags as decorations on the outfit. It is usually best to buy the helmet instead of trying to make one because it looks better with a large dark plastic visor on the front. Even the jump suit is probably better to buy than to make because it needs to be quite heavy looking and baggy with lots of small details, so you can’t just use any old white trousers and shirt.

White Astronaut Costume Ideas


White rabbit costumes are popular for both Halloween and Easter (since the Easter bunny is white in color). You can choose to dress up as a normal cute fluffy white rabbit or as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – with a little red jacket and a giant pocket watch.

White Rabbit Costume Ideas


A simple white costume idea is a chef’s costume, for this you can wear plain black or white trousers and a white chef’s coat. Then you just need a white chef’s hat to wear on your head plus a rolling pin or a large cooking utensil as a costume accessory.

White Chef Costume Ideas


Bride costumes are a popular white costume idea, but people normally do not just wear a standard bride’s gown since that is a bit boring. Instead, the bride’s costume is usually made to look extra sexy by having a short white dress and stockings, or they are turned into zombie brides using makeup and a splattering of fake blood.

White Bride Costume Ideas

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