Yellow Costume Ideas


Wolverine is a superhero in X-Men, he wears a skin tight yellow body suit with black and blue trim and a yellow and black mask, he also has three very large claws on each hand that can extend and retract when needed. Apart from the claws his special powers are unbreakable Adamantium bones and a super human healing ability.

Yellow Wolverine Costume Ideas

Disney Princesses

There are three famous Disney Princesses who wear yellow dresses - Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Snow White’s dress is yellow and blue while Belle’s gown is completely yellow. Aurora, the princess in Sleeping Beauty, actually has a dress that changes color in the film because two of her Godmothers disagree over what color it should be, so they keep magically changing its color from yellow to blue and back again.

Yellow Disney Princess Costume Ideas


A classic funny yellow costume idea is a banana costume, it’s basically impossible not to look funny while wearing one of these, making them a popular choice for parties.

Yellow Banana Costume Ideas

Rubber Duck

Another funny yellow costume idea is a Rubber Duck costume, you can either make yourself look like a yellow rubber duck or you can make it look as though you are riding one.

Yellow Rubber Duck Costume Ideas

Big Bird

One of the most famous bird costume characters is Big Bird from the long running TV show for kids called Sesame Street. A Big Bird costume is a large yellow body suit covered in feathers, and orange legs with large three-toed feet. You will also need a yellow Big Bird mask with a beak or a little yellow hat with eyes on it.

Yellow Big Bird Costume Ideas

Bees / Wasps

Two insects that have yellow on their bodies are bees and wasps. For a bee costume you should wear an outift with a roundish yellow body that has black stripes on it, while for a wasp costume you can have more of a black body with yellow patterns on it. The mask for a bee costume typically looks happy, cute and smiling – while a wasp costume is often worn without a mask. Both styles of costume can have yellow, black or transparent wings.

Yellow Bee Costume Ideas


SpongeBob is a good homemade costume idea for kids, you just need to make a rectangular yellow cardboard body with a goofy looking happy face painted onto it. The bottom of the box should have little brown shorts, a white shirt, and a red tie drawn on it.

Yellow SpongeBob Costume Ideas


One final yellow costume idea is Pac-Man, a video game character from the 1980’s. You can also make this costume at home like SpongeBob’s using cardboard that you paint yellow, but for Pac-Man you will need a large round body with a triangle cut out for his mouth. To make a Mrs. Pac-Man costume simply add a red bow and red lipstick.

Yellow Pac Man Costume Ideas

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